Our clients are YOU.


Our clients range from 10 year old children to those approaching their first century. People that are injured and those who think they could never be. People that are competitive to those that ‘could care less.’ People seeking a full body transformation to people that just don’t want to hurt anymore during daily chores. Professional athletes with millions of dollars at stake to the person who has completing a 5K on their bucket list. People diagnosed with a terminal disease and those that have won their battle and are now a survivor. People that are too busy to get the work done on their own that need accountability and even those with too much time on their hands that need a productive and positive path. Those that need encouragement to those that just need education and know-how. From people in mourning to people getting ready for a wedding or a child. Celebrities and musicians on tour that require complete privacy and the traveling businessman that needs creativity when working out from a hotel room.


Our clients are your friend’s, your neighbors, you mothers, your fathers. Those that value experience and education when it comes to working with professionals. Those that understand the right fit can be nothing short of priceless.


Since I left undergrad in 1993, fitness coaching and self improvement coaching have been my life. I am fortunate to have known this from such an early age without question. For that I am grateful.


Request a consultation and together we can discuss a plan, reasonable options, recommendations and next steps. If we are not the ones for you, let us help point you in the right direction. 


Matt Royka

Founder, Royka's InnerStrength LLC