Train for the 2019 and 20th Annual Nashville Marathon!

Solo Team


After 20 years in a row, it will be time to take a bow as InnerStrength places focus and energies on a whole new venture!


@ 7:00 AM pre-stretch/opening statements/run course options preview

7:15 run start

food, drink, individual orientations/Q&A immediately after

eat, drink, socialize . . . 


You can be part of something epic!  And if you are NEW to Nashville, it doesn't get ANY BETTER than this for learning your city! You will literally run all over this town and eat at dozens of awesome hot spots! Add in great spirit, camaraderie and networking and you have it all! 

Recreational runner? Yeah, we got ya!

Boston bound in talent and dreams? Yeah, we got ya!



*Training programs and homework (cardio, strength, recovery, etc)

*Training shirt, gear, goodie bags, surprises . . . 

*Network of care providers to keep you in the game and STRONG

*Saturday group long runs @ 7:00 AM fully mapped, courses marked, relief station supported and a crew vehicle following

*Sunday outdoor workouts @ 1:00 PM (rain or shine) designed to get your Spartan spirit out, and make you stronger on hills, earning leaner, more powerful legs in the process. We call it GOAT . . . you'll call it a game changer.

*Weekday AM and PM group run support options

*Pop-up strength classes designed for runners! SMARTEST way to prevent injuries!

*Online and progressive weekly nutrition guidance to have you peak by race day!

*Monthly socials and educational opportunities that will add value, laughter and new experiences throughout the season!

*End of season PARTY!


If you value what an easily accessed coach can do for you and if enjoying your experience is of utmost importance, then InnerStrength should be at the top of your list when considering running clubs.

Whether you are training for the St. Jude Rock n Roll half or full Marathon in April of 2019, or some other event along the way . . . you owe it to yourself to consider signing up and being involved in our dynamic program! Since the Inaugural Country Music Marathon in 1999, InnerStrength has been hosting a band of runners (and runners to be) in a 4-6 month training regimen that was designed not only to educate, motivate, and inspire via a fantastic training experience, but also designed to make you part of a community and graduating class you will never forget.

We are collectively InnerStrength. In mind, word and Deed. Founded and operated by personal trainers, we understand the need and value placed on one on one attention and overall balanced fitness. Sometimes these details get lost in large training groups and programs. Not in ours.

More than accountability, you can find and make family in our group. From first timers to seasoned veterans. The diversity and intention of the group demographics are vast. We have those that join our group for social and accountability reasons and we have those that have serious competition flowing through their bones who also like to play hard. We have people entering in for training for the half marathon and we have those training for the full. We have those training in our group for other races outside of the CMM as well. Marathon finishing times in our group typically range from 3:14 to 6:40. So where do you fit in? What are your goals and needs? If you can respect and enjoy a group that takes their fun and work just as seriously, then you need to pay us a visit at our orientation or one of our group runs. To us, if your going to invest in something like this, it should be epic and it needs to deliver. On all fronts.

"InnerStrength's program is the “Cadillac” of marathon training programs in Nashville."

-Miller Chandler, Fitness Director Bellemeade Country Club

What you can expect to experience in our program is vast.  And of course, we offer much more than just listed above. We will educate you in many experiential ways. We will provide weekly email support and motivation. You will have accountability. We will make your runs memorable and anticipated. We will provide you with a network of other health and retail professionals eager to assist you on your journey. We will provide you with a homework plan to get you to the finish line or get you to Boston.  You will see and experience Nashville’s best running routes and you will do so in a group environment that literally becomes like a second home to you. You will love to run. And you will run better.

DIETARY HELP: It's important to realize that a long distance running goal without dietary accountability leads to long distance runners who gain weight in the process. (No, not the "good weight") We won't let you be that common statistic. Small steps one at a time yields the most long term success. We are excited to watch our athletes transform once more!


Please contact Matt Royka with questions or to reserve your space at this exclusive training event whether you are a traditional runner, a minimalist or a barefooter. As always, bring your friends too!

If you miss our orientation run/kickoff run, . . . drop us a note anytime during our 4-month season to learn how to get involved. You deserve it!