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What is Strong? Part One

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What if all our scars and pain could be seen . . . in full view for everyone to see? All our pain we survived, right there on the surface, exposed.

Sometimes I really wish this the case.  The games we play to hide the things that could only move us closer to one another, relate to one another, respect one another  or understand each other a lot better. Immediately.

The title of my blog is “what is strong?”  And I’m going to start by going back.

"But, you're not a runner."

Marie Smith runs with Krista Nuber in Franklin

This is something I’ve heard a lot since starting my half marathon training. I’m asked what’s going on, anything new? “Well, yes! (big smile on my face) I’m training for the half marathon in April.” This is met with quizzical looks, sometimes a slight sideways head tilt and some form of these words come out of the person’s mouth, “Oh…but you’re not a runner.” At times, the inflection goes up at the end, making it sound like a question, “But you’re not a runner?” As if I have completely altered their thinking of what makes me, well, me.


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