Epsom Salt Baths

bowl of epsom salt

Brine. Noun. Water saturated or strongly impregnated with salt. Verb. To soak in or saturate with salty water.

Maybe you are going to try to brine your turkey this year with salt, sugar and spices?, . . . but if you do, don't use Epsom salt. As you will soon understand from reading below, the Epson Salt turkey would make one heck of a toilet party. That’s an Evite that you immediately check “no” to, and not to be confused with the phrase “party in your pants”, or “The pants party” if you are a movie buff.

Epsom Salt baths. What up? I tell ya. I had just gotten home from a dual massage today and went right home to fix me up a tall glass of water (Literal, not figurative), a nice watercress and goat cheese salad and a small glass of red wine and got the tub going. It wasn’t to watch a repeat of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” like it is starting to sound, it was because I thought it would help my body recover.

Oh, . . .a dual massage is not two massage therapists fighting over each other you until there is only one left standing. It is when there are two working on you at once. A half hour of two therapists working together to stretch you out and the second half was the massage work, each on different sides. Yeah, and It was even better than it sounds. But that is a story for another day, as I digress, . . Salt baths.

You may want to try one post workout, post run, post massage, post mud wrestling, or New Years day. As they are probably more bather preferred compared to the other types of baths we recommend later in our running season, . . . and to give a hint, they start with “ice” and end with “bath”, . . . but I don’t want to give too much away right now.

Epsom salt. Touted as a soaking agent for minor sprains and bruises. The “100% natural mineral” is found even at the Dollar store. Yep. Which happens to be a lot cheaper than a bag of ice. Advice varies, but a general recommendation may be to dump 2 cups of Epsom salt in a warm bath to provide relief from aches and pains and reduce stiffness and soreness in joints. It can even take the sting out of insect bites and draw out splinters and “detoxify” your skin and body, . . some say. And you all know it has to be true if it is on the internet. If internalized, apparently it can make a fine laxative as well. But I’m sticking to my water and wine. Through my mouth. Other uses of Epsom Salt or magnesium sulphate include the treatment of irregular heart rhythm, low blood magnesium, eclampsia (not cool, look it up) and severe tetanus it seems. Use it to dislodge blackheads, remove foot odor, volumize your hair, clean bathroom tiles, prevent slugs from entering your home, fertilize your houseplants, keep your lawn green and use as an insecticide, . . . the claims, or possibilities, . . . or possibilities of claims are endless.

Other than that, it has no real hard scientific research on pain relief. A folk remedy that stands the test of time till someone shuts it down. If it is good for your brain, it is good for you. So basically, think it helps or think it doesn’t, and either way you will be right.

And please, don’t confuse this with the street term, “Bath salts”. Those are different. Those make you eat other people.

Written by InnerStrength Founder, Matt Royka


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