How InnerStrength got its name

3D InnerStrength logo

Back in the late 90’s, or as my son likes to say, “back in the 1900’s”, I was leaving the security of a Fitness Director position of a large facility for the second time. But this time it was different. Going full steam ahead in providing for myself and my family, by my own merits. The leap of faith of starting your own company. I started out training ‘on the side’ in the early 1990’s under the name “Royka and Company.” This was a direct reflection upon my father and his consulting company he had when I was growing up. It was very corporate, and disguising the fact that it was just me. I later changed it to Royka Fit Corp, but that was just more proof that I was not yet happy with the identity. I was disturbed by not having a name that felt right, that said what I wanted it to say. Something that, when you see it, you say, “Yeah, I want that.” So I started writing. Two pages, over time, of words I found to be strong, even phrases I liked. I knew the name should be short, professional and catchy if possible. So many things in the field seem so cliché and I needed something different. Day by day, I’d look at my list, and it became easier and easier to cross ideas or names off the list. In time, one name remained. It was too long, and it did not necessarily specify what my business did. But I could not ignore the enlightenment of this word (or words) to let it go.  In September of 1998, Royka’s InnerStrength, LLC was formed. But because of the obvious fact that it has taken so many to get here and make this, we refer to the company as simply, InnerStrength. The crest, shield or logo of InnerStrength would come next, and it had to be as meaningful and significant as the name itself. 


Inner strength represents an idea of what we all want, but also a very real thing that we have inside us already. It needs to be remembered, and it too needs to be trained, brought to the surface more on a regular basis. Sometimes it just needs a coach or certain life event to bring it out, but it is there. The “deep wells of strength that are never used.” Potential strength transforms into real strength. That’s what I wanted to give people, or teach how they could call upon and find their own. Inner strength represented what I wanted to give to all my clients. Not just words like, “results” or “less bodyfat” or “less pain” even. Sure I wanted them to have these things, but my eye was always on a deeper prize from it all. And with inner strength in mind, it would change the way we program, counsel and take care of people as a company. The goal is inner strength for each client. Inner strength realized, experienced and faith in it’s return.


It was a year and a half later when a life event happened to me so profound, so devastating, that I ironically needed to see this word everyday to be what I needed to be, and do my best to remember what it means, to represent it to the best of my ability. I have experienced other events since then that required even more. Events that still require every bit of me to fight for proper focus and perspective. I am and forever will be, a student in this. I can only hope that our students, clients and friends all learn their own meaning of the word and their experience with it will be positive and inspiring.


We will all be tested, and we will all need to pull from this strength. If you need it, it is there, your potential strength. The strongest forces in nature are those you cannot see. Could InnerStrength be yours?


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