Pro-Athlete Conditioning


"When I was facing injuries and needed to get my core in top shape, I sought Royka to teach me the methods he has used with other professional athletes. I gained functional strength in all my weak links and still perform many of the exercises he has shown me to this day. I would definitely recommend him to my peers." - Kimmo Timonen #44 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Team 2015, Philadelphia Flyers Defenseman 2007-20014, Olympian for Team Finland (2010, 2006, 2002, 1998), Captain of Nashville Predators 2006-2007 season, NHL All Star Game/Team (2000, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2012)

“Thanks for helping me reach my maximum potential as a person and an athlete.” - Eddie George, #27 Running back Tennessee Titans, Heisman trophy winner

InnerStrength is THE place to go for abdominal and core conditioning. What is core conditioning? Core conditioning involves more than just abs, and involves all of the musculature at, above and below the hip.

The core relates to your center from which all other movements are made. It is the foundation on which you must rely upon to make any and all other movements safe and efficient. The core involves not just strengthening of the abdominals, but also a strong back and a flexible mid section and flexible hip.

A person may train for a “six pack” or “wash board” stomach, yet not have the functional strength that is needed to protect them from injury or daily performance. Likewise, someone can have a great functionally developed torso, without exaggerated definition. The point is that aesthetic abs and functional abs are two very different things. We provide the methodology to produce both.

Everyone has a different set of needs in the arena of core conditioning. The individual weaknesses in the core and lack of flexibility in certain planes of movement must be brought to balance to further results. Individual back problems, stiffness and myths of training warrant significant reasons to attain us for individual coaching.

The key to abdominal training is in the consistency, and knowing how to create the correct stimulus. Tired of not seeing or feeling results? We can make 10 minutes as effective as most people’s monthly routine. We will demonstrate quality over quantity.