Personal Training


Hands down our very best product. The birth of InnerStrength started with this signature product and the reputation earned from it.

All personal training relationships begin with a health history, personal profile and dietary analysis. Baseline measurements and body fat are offered for quantifying results and future performance testing. But thats the boring stuff . . .

The beginner learns how to move safely and effectively from the start. The athlete and weekend warrior learns how to utilize sport-specific drills for the competitive edge while minimizing overuse injuries. The baby-boomers correct muscle imbalances and postural misalignment so that their spine and back health start improving instead of fading. The post-rehabilitation patient has a safe place to go that may be more affordable than other means. The expectant mother can prepare for the healthiest and safest labor possible as well as recover quickly post-partum. The teenager learns to enjoy physical fitness and starts a habit that will change his/her life forever. The elderly learn to set aside their walker and grab a cane as well as some independence. The seasoned gym buffs overcome a plateau and boredom. Balance and agility work is shared with seniors and athletes alike.

         "Simply put...I wouldn't do what we do on my own! I feel strong; I feel good; I feel accomplished! I like that I don't know what each session will hold. It really works for me to be  guided and pushed to the level. Again, I wouldn't do it on my own!" - Pat Balog



Many conditions require a focus on joint stability before working on significant weight training goals. Our coaches work in conjunction with your doctors and physical therapists to ensure your safe transition into the weight room.

Our one-on-one initial consultations with you help us decide together on an approach or, if needed, direction of referral. When you come to us with a referral, please provide the name and number of your health care provider so that we can communicate with your MD, PT or ATC on precautions and recommendations for your continued therapy.

Making the decision to have surgery can be a difficult but sometimes necessary choice. But it is what happens AFTER the surgery that often dictates the individuals success and future possibilities. In this critical time, we feel it is paramount that one finishes an appropriate and regular program in the weeks and months immediately after. Goals should not only be to get back to "normal", but to enjoy movement even better than before. 

We understand what is at stake and work with the belief that you can get back to your sport or life, stronger than ever.



InnerStrength’s pre-post Natal workouts have been featured locally on Nashville’s Talk of the Town television show.

We feel that our clients knowledge of the body’s specific changes, core strength required and pending demands of pregnancy are essential in order to reduce the complications and severity of labor. As one enters labor more physically fit, recovery is faster and more manageable.

Exercise prescription changes as we enter the limitations of each trimester. Attention is placed on structural integrity of joints as well as a strong and balanced midsection. In post-partum, returning to a pre-pregnancy state is always faster with the proper conditioning. Depression is a common side effect and exercise helps to battle this as well as the common overuse syndromes associated with carrying baby, the baby's diaper bag and coping with nursing posture.

Not currently working out? Ideally we'd ask to work with moms-to-be at least 4 months before their planned pregnancy date. This allows us to make a significant difference in their overall fitness as well as being able to continue the workout throughout the pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, then we recommend that you already be involved in an exercise routine. Our coaches can help you decide how, when and whether or not we should be involved. If you are planning to work out no matter what, we strongly suggest having a professional trainer in your corner to protect both you and your precious cargo.

Doctors releases are provided and our coaches are happy to work closely with your physician and OBGYN.



The focus of fitness changes as we age. Functional training for balance and improving upon flexibility can restore freedom and confidence in movement. Strength and cardiovascular gains can be made at any age.

Our trainers and coaches have experience working with clients in their 90’s and our standards of care will ensure a comfortable relationship. With InnerStrength trainers that are in their second decade of training and fourth decade of living, the client has the relief of knowing someone can understand that the aging body and goals associated are vastly different than the 20-something year old body. Only with age comes that experience. Empathy and understanding are not only necessary for psychologically connecting with someone, but paramount for intelligent program design, progressions and realistic goals.

Our staff has first hand experience with the most basic of needs to the extremes of someone that requires all needs being met for them. With empathy, comes trust. Allow us the privilege and honor to work with you or your loved ones. Sitting down for a consultation is also an easy way for you to get to know us better. Just drop us an email or phone call to establish some face time at your leisure.

"I have worked with Inner Strength for 3 1/2 years every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am...years before I was a “walker” 3-5 miles 3-4 days a week.  I have always appreciated the value of pumping fresh blood into my heart and brain. I only thought I was getting a full health benefit; then, I began the weekly plank session; sit and reaches; climbing 17 floors and box jumping!!!  WOW!!!  Was I mistaken; I hadn’t been getting workouts WALKING!!!  I hadn’t SWEATED!!!! Never had perspiration run down the side of my face...Now, at 64+, I need the Inner Strength workouts.  My head is clearer and I feel refreshed - after I revive myself.  My recall, my blood pressure; my overall health is enhanced by these workout times.  I can even answer more questions correctly on Jeopardy than my brainy husband!!!!! 

Thank you InnerStrength." - Diane Curtis


Training for the young adult and early athlete is such an important role to fill. Our coaches personality, attitude, empathy, communication skills and session content design the success of these relationships.Most of our training staff have had experience training young adults and some have gone on to earn specialty certifications in children’s fitness as well.

When working with the young adult, we realize that there is an athlete in everybody. We believe it is never too early to learn how to move ones body through space, balance, stretch, eat and lift. We teach independence, and it develops confidence. Safety is paramount at this stage. What they learn now will remain in their consciousness forever. The key to healthy behavior modification for the adult years is to start early. The early athlete is bombarded with all the same confusing media myths that adults attempt to decipher; yet the peer pressures faced in the school system exacerbate it.


16  Y E A R S  A N D  UP 

For the high school student, we like to consider ourselves supplemental to their weight room guidance and/or coaching that they may have received in school. Proper supervision and attention to detail can make the difference between an early injury or a personal best and peak performance in their sport. Meanwhile, the exercises for preventative maintenance and injury prevention are going un-noticed. We will combine these elements in a non-intimidating and productive session with goals of independence in mind.

"My 15 year-old son, Henry has found a new perspective in life (other than is Xbox) because of Matt's team.   He now realizes the importance of exercise as it relates to his health, his outward appearance, and probably most importantly, he would tell you that the "girls are now looking his way."  The workouts are fun, different and age appropriate to control for boredom and to maximize work potential.   Henry now has a new found energy and a bit more spirit in his daily attitude.  InnerStrength’s program works because it is based on more than just "lifting weights"  -- a total well-being approach is addressed."  - Liz Leedle


U N D E R  16  Y E A R S

This is behavior modification for the youth we work with. We start by being a role model and positive influence in their lives and they look forward to our sessions. Parents have a hard time trying to do what we can do. The young adult starts to see these sessions as a time to share with a friend instead of a dreaded "baby-sitting" appointment where they are forced to workout. Self-awareness with body image begins all too early. They also know when they need to lose weight and they feel self-conscious about it. We assist in encouraging the instinct to "play" since it seems to be leaving the schools these days. Behavior modification takes patience and it needs a willing participant. We enjoy them wanting to come back, eliminating the negative feelings that they may have had with exercise and watching them incorporate independent workouts as our relationship matures. Success here is really measured by this independent action that has meaning to the child. Our hope is that they may be more likely to lead healthy lifestyles in the future by enjoying our time together and learning from it as well.

"When your 10 year old son tells you he wants abs of steel and doesn't want to be a string-bean anymore, call INNERSTRENGTH!  That's what I did!"- Curtis Shaw Child