14th Annual Country Music Marathon Training!

14th Annual Country Music Marathon Training!

Climb Nashville

N O V E M B E R 3

Climb Nashville
12:00pm Short Group Run (optional)
1:00pm OrientationRSVP by email or call Matt at 615-415-7791
3630 Redmon Street, Unit 1, Nashville, TN 37209

N O V E M B E R 10Gordon Jewish Community Center
Gordon Jewish Community Center
9:00am Short Group Run (optional)
10:00am Orientation
RSVP by email or call Matt at 615-415-7791
801 Percy Warner Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37205


Please contact Matt Royka with questions or to reserve your space at this exclusive training event. 
As always, bring your friends too!

InnerStrength’s Winter/Spring Running Group. Whether you are training for the Country Music Marathon in April or some other event along the way, . . . with people joining all the way through January, it may not be not too late to sign up and be involved in our dynamic program. Since the Inaugural Country Music Marathon in 1999, InnerStrength has been hosting a band of runners (and runners to be) in a 6 month training regimen that was designed not only to educate, motivate, and inspire via a fantastic training experience, but also designed to make you part of a community and graduating class you will never forget.

It’s not a “program” or typical club, it’s a membership into a community that takes care of everything.

In 6 months, you have the ability to partake in over 120 group led runs or workouts, not including the service, the extra food and drink, additional house socials, yoga samplers, educational speakers and all the “entertainment” we provide through the season, . . .

Is that worth it? Lets do the math on the 2012 membership dues. If we play real conservative and ONLY consider the 120 group led runs or workouts, participants pay between $4.16 and $4.78 per event. Seriously.

Of course you get “stuff” too, like a time tested program from RRCA certified running coaches, tailored workouts, homework for the season, goodie bags, shirts and extras, . . . blah blah blah, but that is the least of what we do and provide for you.

Now we are not for everyone, because these are many running groups in town. We aim to be the one for those that value their training experience more than anything else.

Need a taste? Missed our orientations? We have runners coming in all the way through January, . . . drop us a note and see about having a run with us as our guest. You deserve a chance to see what we do and how we have done it since the Country Music Marathon came to town in 1999.

We are collectively InnerStrength. In mind, word and Deed. Founded and operated by personal trainers, we understand the need and value placed on one on one attention. Sometimes these details get lost in large training groups and programs. Not in ours.

More than accountability, you can find and make family in our group. From first timers to seasoned veterans. The diversity and intention of the group demographics are vast. We have those that join our group for social and accountability reasons and we have those that have serious competition flowing through their bones who also like to play hard. We have people entering in for training for the half marathon and we have those training for the full. We have those training in our group for other races outside of the CMM as well. Marathon finishing times in our group typically range from 3:14 to 6:40. So where do you fit in? What are your goals and needs? If you can respect and enjoy a group that takes their fun and work just as seriously, then you need to pay us a visit at one of our orientations or one of our group runs. To us, if your going to invest in something that takes a half year of your life, it should be epic and it needs to deliver. On all fronts.

A veteran Fitness Director in town called our program the “Cadillac” of marathon training programs in Nashville. What a fantastic compliment to hear, as our goals are to be just that.

What you can expect to experience in our program is vast.

Weekly coached runs 5 days a week that encompass everything from plain accountability to spirit, speed, pacing distance and power.

With group run starting times ranging from from 5:45 AM, 7:00 AM, 3:00 PM and even 8:00 PM.

-Run in the evening and hang out after with your fellow spirited runners at different eating establishments across town as part of our "MONDAY NIGHT LITES".

-Train on cross country courses or trails whether you are a traditional runner, a minimalist or a barefooter in our "GRASS FED WED" days.

-Learn about and acquire a program for improving speed, pacing and achieving negative splits supported by our "TRACK AND TREAT" sessions.

-Join in our Saturday weekly long run that takes you from 3 miles to 21 by April. Always a party. Always an event.

-Participate in our “GOAT” workouts on Sunday afternoons in the park that train you for not just hills and power, but resemble a small group personal training class as well.

And of course, we offer much more than that. We will educate you through various seminars, socials and strength labs. We will provide weekly email support and motivation. We will make your runs memorable and anticipated. We will provide you with a network of other health and retail professionals eager to assist you on your journey. We will provide you with a homework plan to get you to the finish line or get you to Boston. We will provide you with countless surprises and goodies along the way. You will see and experience Nashville’s best running routes and you will do so in a group environment that literally becomes like a second home to you. You will love to run. And you will run better.


  • Feb 27 2012