Artist Development

Music Artist Development

For those that need more than a quick boot camp type of an approach, we believe that long lasting results need a different type of commitment from the artist and label.

For artist development, InnerStrength is the source of professional trainers in town that understand the business and what is really at stake. InnerStrength is the choice for celebrities in music as well as clients that require security, privacy and professionalism. Providing trainers that travel on a local and national level for entertainers on tour.

Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Ronnie Dunn, Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon, Alison Krauss, Charles Kellley of Lady Antebellum, Jamey Johnson, Julie Roberts, Joy Williams of The Civil Wars, Anna Wilson, James Otto, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Lee Ann Womack, Clay Walker, Chris Cagle, Clint Black, Charter's Chord, Alvarado Road Show and rising stars Levi Hummon and Anthony DeLaTorre of De La Torre. . . these are just some of the artists that valued time with InnerStrength, helping move them closer to their fitness goals, and in turn, to their fans as well.

InnerStrength believes that more than ever, an artist must portray an image of health, fitness, beauty and confidence. A fitness and nutritional program designed and taught through excellent care and guidance reaps intangible rewards as it relates to developing and artists image as well as prolonging their interest with the media. The competition to stand out is more important than ever. InnerStrength offers an “edge” that gets our clients noticed, and in turn, promotes a drive and work ethic in the artist like never seen before.

Whether it be for weeks or months at a time, our coaches can literally transform clients in the quickest and safest means possible. Our program has been practiced, tested and proven. There is no better way to change a career and life than this experiential and hands on approach. If management is willing, and the artist is determined and motivated, the results will be nothing short of priceless.

J U L I E  R O B E R T S

"I am so thankful I decided to email Matt back in 2008.  InnerStrength has been a big part of my life now for so many years. Not only do they help me get into physical shape for my photo shoots, videos, album releases, and everything for my music career, . . . but they teach me every single day how to dig deep within myself and do things I would have never believed I could do. They are my extended family when I am off the road and my workouts are the one thing that I look most forward to when I am not playing shows! When I was diagnosed with MS and wondered what I would be able to do, they helped me recognize that it was just a part of me but it didn't define me. Their encouragement stays with me not only in the gym but when I'm in the studio or out on the road. My life is forever changed and I am forever grateful for everything they do for me!" 

- Julie Roberts

J O Y  W I L L I A M S

"A friend recommended Adam to me a few months after I had my baby boy. Adam takes time to really customize my work outs and nutrition goals, according to my needs. He has not only helped me get back to my pre-baby body weight - he has helped me find the tools to feel stronger and healthier than I ever have."

- Joy Roberts 

K E N N Y  C H E S N E Y

“You have to be very committed and determined to succeed in the music business, but I never really knew what commitment and determination meant until I decided to change my body. Daniel and Matt are responsible for showing me the way!”
– Kenny Chesney

K E I T H  U R B A N

“We’ve all had days when we feel we could take on the world. That’s your innerstrength, and that’s what Royka’s InnerStrength can harness and build upon,…to give you the look and the feel of not just who you want to be, but who you already are, all the time. Royka’s InnerStrength has totally changed the way I stay in shape. Effective, focused strength training. From the inside out. They say it's what's inside that counts. Royka's InnerStrength has done just that for me. By tapping into and bringing out my innerstrength, I've seen a big change in my life.”
– Keith Urban

R O N N I E  D U N N

I'm a BIG advocate of what you do. Your education, knowledge and commitment goes beyond the norm for most people in your profession.”
Ronnie Dunn

C H R I S  C A G L E

“Matt Royka will change your entire life...if you let him. Everyone in the music industry knows, that at times in my life, I'm not the easiest guy to work with! And when it comes to working with trainers, there are none better than Matt Royka. He found a way to produce results in me that, to this day, have never been duplicated.”
– Chris Cagle

C L A Y  W A L K E R

“"Matt Royka is more than a trainer, he is an 'inner' strength coach. And most importantly, he is effective.”
– Clay Walker


"Pain is weakness leaving the body, Royka's InnerStrength is the introduction to pain.”
– Jamey Johnson

A N N A  W I L S O N

Simply the most inspiring approach to fitness I have ever experienced. Matt Royka is a true pioneer in his approach to personal training and overall health and wellness. Being a jazz artist, I have a saying...'Jazz Your Azz'. Royka's InnerStrength will no doubt 'Kick Your Azz' and you will be the one saying thank you! Matt, and his amazing staff, will not only teach you how to properly work out, but give you the tools needed to stay healthy and maintain your personal fitness goals.”
– Anna Wilson

M O N T Y  P O W E L L

Music is known for its prodigies, but all disciplines have them. Matt Royka is the true genius of personal fitness and I have no doubt that I will live longer and healthier for being an InnerStrength client”
– Monty Powell


Some of the hottest names in country music like Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban began their professional fitness training with InnerStrength. Royka introduces artists to a methodology, structure and daily food plans (known as Royka's "Box" program in the past) that earn them a body which gets noticed and a brain that is focused.  As Bob Millard stated in Country Music Magazine (June-July 2002) regarding Kenny's work with InnerStrength, we operate on the road with “additional responsibilities that make InnerStrength more like the artists health manager and exercise logistics technician.”

Interested parties should contact Matt Royka at 615-673-3476 to set up an interview and consultation for pricing information and program details.