Personal training is not the luxury item it was once thought to be. More and more the community is seeking qualified help in the gym and off the field. We are not just "personal trainers", we are coaches. We are the exercise doctors for the new millennium.

The fitness industry has been the target of numerous stereotypes that inhibit some people to trust, to take the leap of faith and realize their true potential. Media hype and quick fixes are devastating. A "trainer", or what we like to call a coach, can be so much more than what some may think. The evolution and sophistication of the true professional trainer takes on a much more holistic approach. They are a coach, catalyst and caregiver to all things that make up your health.

We will provide you with what you need, but more importantly, we will guide you to take action. There is a world of difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. We ask that you let us guide you to that action. Not everybody that seeks a trainer necessarily wants a trainer, but they all have one thing in common. They want to change, they want to be better, and they want results. Change in performance or in the physical form is just a fraction of the side products our coaches will help you develop.

I N  T H E  P H Y S I C A L :: We are all athletes. We should all train like them, to be balanced and flexible and functionally sound. Function relates to how it carries over in real life. To be able to move with strength in all dimensions and not just sitting against a bench and lifting weight off a stack. We know that when you need to use your strength, it will not be in such controlled conditions. We know that people want to move and play with less effort and less pain. For this, we must look further than traditional ways of training.

I N  T H E  P S Y C H E :: We want to uncover and bring forth the greatest of your will to succeed and learn how to keep it at the surface. To have a sense of urgency about all you are capable of. As Robert Schuller once said, “The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking.” And as an Ashanti proverb reads, you must act as if it is impossible to fail.

In Henri Amiel’s words, “All appears to change when we change” When we change our philosophy, we literally change the way we see the world. With proper coaching that reveals and teaches a new psyche, one can forever change the way you see challenges in ways that were not clearly demonstrated before. As if to change glasses, or prescription, you have focus on what was once blurred. You respond to people differently and people respond to you differently. You become a more powerful person in your relationships and in life.

We often use damaging language in daily life like “I’ll try”, which gives us the permission to fail. Said enough times, and we actually don’t believe ourselves. That can be the worst place to be. Fortunately, it is totally reversible.

Our strength lies in you. We pride ourselves in having the ability to pull that out. We can pull from emotions and desires and evoke a willingness to perform. It is all about action, and what makes you move towards a goal. The proper catalyst can serve as a constant fuel source for each and every obstacle that is presented. InnerStrength is driven to be that catalyst for you.