GOAT workouts

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Be a "Goat" and hill running becomes your strength instead of a weakness.

Consider your current "perspective" on hills . . . to us, hills are nothing more than the high points of a run. Literally and figuratively. And we believe you should be enjoying the highs. We train you to get up hills with less effort, and be able to provide greater power when needed.

GOAT is what has trained our athletes to not just overcome hills, but also enjoy them. GOAT is an outdoor strength and power session performed in an infectious can-do group attitude. But GOAT is more . . . it feels like a fantastic outdoor small group personal training experience and you'll feel like you are part of something bigger!

GOAT is included in our 2019 Winter Running Program (also known as our marathon group training), but also offered as a stand alone class, executed every Sunday at 1PM at a famous (or infamous) local landmark location. Appreciate Sundays a little more by exerting yourself over challenging courses all around Nashville.

Compete for bragging rights by being the G.O.A.T of the day by being the best on the mountain. And by G.O.A.T. , we mean, Greatest Of All Time. And if you win the title for the week, you'll be adorned with the coveted Goat Award, until it is back up for grabs the next week.


2019 Semester: starts Sunday, Jan 6 @ 1:00 PM

Your Investment options:

drop-in class rate: $25

or includced with our marathon group/winter running program


Check out a sample of us mixing in some upper body courtesy of the Tennessean on You Tube and drop us an email to experience a class first hand. Or hoof.



*Children 7 and up are welcome to attend free so long as they accompany a parent that has a paid and processed enrollment. The "Kid course"

**What to bring: Come hydrated and maybe your preferred energy replacement, towel, proper footwear, and recommended heart rate monitor and stopwatch/timer. Other than that, we will provide water and other “tools” that will make your training much more miserable and effective as indicated above.