Kinesiotaping for pain relief


The kinesiotaping method and treatment is unlike any modality most have ever used before. InnerStrength staff are currently certified L1 and L2 instructors and practice this amazing technique not only on their clients and athletes, but also on themselves.

“Woke up this morning with NO tightness or pain or anything. I can hardly believe that its sort of magical! Can I wear this stuff forever? THANK YOU!”  -Courtney W.

Kinesiotape is not to be compared to traditional or 'rigid' athletic tape. The product is a thin elastic cotton tape that is specially designed to adhere for days at a time when applied correctly and offers a number of therapeutic benefits. The tape can stretch up to 120% of its original length, and thus, after applied it will attempt to recoil after being applied and create a pulling effect on the skin or muscle it is being applied to. With this in mind, taping from origin to insertion of a muscle or group can facilitate a muscle firing. Conversely, applying the tape correctly from insertion to origin can ask the muscle or group to inhibit its current activity. In real basic terms, with such application and treatment, we basically ask certain muscles to work a little more and ask others to "chill out" whereby making pain relief a comon immediate side effect. 

Beyond the above mentioned applications, kinesiotape can be used to heal brusies in dramatically less time, lift the skin around any inflammation speeding up the recovery process and if needed, made rigid for joints that do require more stability.

Running injuries, tennis elbow, golfers, climbers, aching back, you name it, . . . kinesiotape can help. Learning how to apply to common acute conditions is the first step in understanding why kinesiotape should be a standard in anyone's first aid kit at home.