Also known as "One Minute and a Matt" 

If I took care of your excuse, would you take care of your body?

The number one excuse for not exercising is time. If that's true for you, then let me be your catalyst for change! 

@omaam_Fitness I provide you with one minute workout solutions you can perform anywhere. Your body is your exercise machine, the earth is your gym. Its just that simple.


Each week I post a new 'one minute' exercise focusing on either upper body, core or lower body. They will be a challenge to complete and they may need modifications for you. There are no bad exercises in my opinion, but there are one heck of a lot of bad prescriptions. So you do need to know YOU.


Working out from home? Traveling and need ideas to stay fit on the road or in a hotel room? Easy. Thats everything I post. And guess what? If you love working out in the gym, you'll find that these are the perfect boredom breakers to get you out of a rut or steer you away from those nasty plateaus! New new new! Thats what you'll get! Simple patterns that make the simple, exciting again! I promise!


You have 1440 minutes in a day. Can you spare 5 for me? For you? If not, lets start with ONE!


Your encylopedia of exercises is growing by the week @omaam_Fitness

Follow me there and share with friends and family you care about or wish to challenge! Lets make this as interactive as possible and share in each others fitness journey! Did I mention this is completely FREE?! All you need to do is follow, learn and burn!  


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