Also known as "One Minute and a Matt" 

If I took care of your excuse, would you take care of your body?

The number one excuse for not exercising is time. If that's true for you, then let me be your catalyst for change! 

@omaam_Fitness I provide you with one minute workout solutions you can perform anywhere. Your body is your exercise machine, the earth is your gym. Its just that simple.


Precision Nutrition Coaching

So you have probably heard how your diet is what is responsible for 80% of your results, and what you do in the gym is only 20%. Well it's true. So, what are you doing about it? Or when? 

We believe in working smarter instead of harder. Our Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches will make the foggy clear for you. They will bring peace to the process that gives most people stress when they are even considering making a life change in this realm.


Have you ever failed to reach your goals because you were simply overwhelmed?  You decide you’ll:


Personal Training

Hands down our very best product. The birth of InnerStrength started with this signature product and the reputation earned from it.

All personal training relationships begin with a health history, personal profile and dietary analysis. Baseline measurements and body fat are offered for quantifying results and future performance testing. But thats the boring stuff . . .

Kinesiotaping for pain relief

The kinesiotaping method and treatment is unlike any modality most have ever used before. InnerStrength staff are currently certified L1 and L2 instructors and practice this amazing technique not only on their clients and athletes, but also on themselves.

“Woke up this morning with NO tightness or pain or anything. I can hardly believe that its sort of magical! Can I wear this stuff forever? THANK YOU!”  -Courtney W.

Pro-Athlete Conditioning

"When I was facing injuries and needed to get my core in top shape, I sought Royka to teach me the methods he has used with other professional athletes. I gained functional strength in all my weak links and still perform many of the exercises he has shown me to this day.

Youth Fitness Coaching

"When your 10 year old son tells you he wants abs of steel and doesn't want to be a string-bean anymore, call INNERSTRENGTH!  That's what I did!"- Curtis Shaw Child

Training for the young adult and early athlete is such an important role to fill. Our coaches personality, attitude, empathy, communication skills and session content design the success of these relationships.Most of our training staff have had experience training young adults and some have gone on to earn specialty certifications in children’s fitness as well.

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