Tabatomy Class


Your friends and family have called for an intervention because you can’t get exercise out of your head . . . so it’s time you experienced a Tabatomy. 

Tabata was founded in Japan by physiologist Izumi Tabata. He conducted tests on different interval training methods in order to discover the one that produced the most significant gains in aerobic as well as anaerobic work. Tabata intervals, as they are known to be called, are easy to follow, easy to understand and have an incredible net effect.

The Tabata effect can be felt in just a 4 minute session, with 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 sessions or rounds, . . . and thus, places this type of workout in the “high intensity interval training” (or H.I.I.T.) category.

Our Tabatomy class pulls heavily from said research from Izumi (et al) and delivers it in a spirited and can-do attitude. Class surgeon, Marie, keeps the variety flowing week after week. Strangely addictive, . . . because of the rush after, because you impressed yourself, because of the results it delivered.

Oh, . . . and expect a hefty dose of “core”, “abs”, “belly”, whatever you want to call it, . . . because that’s what InnerStrength likes to be known for, . . . having the clients with the strongest and most overall fit mid-sections around. Bring a towel, you won’t leave dry.

This class is taught by Marie Smith


  • Seasonal time and locations.


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