Unique Features


We are a club without walls. A community without boundaries. We believe that no matter who you are, we have a person, program or product that can improve your life. 



This is what we do. We are career fitness professionals. We are not waiting for a music deal to come through, we are not trying to be actors or models, we passionately know our path. That is who we are, that is whom we hire. As such, it means our focus is very much upon you and our product served unto you. Because quite simply, your goals are our life.



One of our goals has been to provide classes and services as whimsical as a great restaurant menu. Choices you'll want to make now and hopefully services you see that have you anxious to try later.



It's our word for how we like to teach when in groups. The quality that is hard to put your finger on at first, but a quality that makes you appreciate a good instructor that much more. If you aren't enjoying yourself, aren't smiling, then something is wrong. We can make the seemingly miserable actually enjoyable.



Ever have that feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself? A place where you ‘fit’ despite how different you felt going in? Have you had the feeling of being part of something special that becomes contagious, uplifting and gives momentum to all things? That is what InnerStrength has become for many and that is what we hope to offer you.